ASHI New England's Testing Requirements

ASHI New England members are subject to the Testing Requirements prescribed by the national organization.

ASHI® New England Members have performed no fewer than 250 fee-paid home inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice. They have passed written examinations which test their knowledge of residential construction, defect recognition, inspection techniques, and report writing. The exams also test the home inspector’s knowledge of the ASHI Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics. Membership in the American Society of Home Inspectors is hard earned and maintained only through meeting requirements for continuing education.

A home inspector that wishes to be an ASHI Certified Inspector must first join ASHI as an associate. They must study the ASHI Standards of Practice, and perform home inspections that meet these standards. A pre-verification review process is available to beginning home inspectors that helps the inspector upgrade his inspections and reports to meet ASHI Standards of Practice. The “sophomore” associate who has performed over 50 home inspections can begin the formal verification process, in which a random sample of their home inspection reports are carefully reviewed by an assigned Verifier. The associate must pass this formal verification process in order to continue on the path towards full membership.

ASHI Associates, once passing verification, continue to perform ASHI quality inspections until they reach the 250 paid-inspections threshold. They must then submit a notarized affidavit attesting that all inspections were performed to ASHI Standards prior to attaining full ASHI Certified Inspector status.

The aspiring associate must also pass two written examinations to become a full member of ASHI (prior to 1987, members were tested by a peer review board). The written exams can be taken at any time during the associate period. Preparation for the exams is rigorous and long hours of study are required to attain mastery of the ASHI Standards of Practice, the Code of Ethics, and the many aspects of residential construction, defect recognition, inspection technique, and report writing.

ASHI Headquarters has many resources such as training manuals, study outlines, and suggested references that help associates reach the difficult milestone of full ASHI membership. For more information on the how to become a home inspector, the examinations, and specific State licensing requirements please consult “how to become a home inspector” in Home Inspection 101.

Many ASHI® New England members joined our local chapter as associates, and thus learned the right way to perform home inspections from the very beginning. ASHI New England Home Inspectors have the added knowledge gained thru participation in group round table discussions, monthly membership meetings and educational seminars, and an established professional network that is aware of the latest developments in the home inspection profession.

ASHI membership criteria are the strictest in the profession. We know of no other State licensing board or professional organization that performs the level of screening and testing that ASHI provides, or that requires as many continuing education hours. Many States that are presently licensing home inspectors have allowed established home inspectors to be grandfathered in with no requirements for testing and no technical review of their reports. ASHI requires all its members to meet the requirements outlined above!