For Home Inspectors

Home inspectors join ASHI® to become better home inspectors and to become affiliated with the most esteemed home inspector organization in the world. ASHI Certified Inspectors and ASHI Associates join the local New England chapter, ASHI New England, for the added knowledge gained thru participation in group round table discussions, monthly membership meetings and educational seminars. They also participate in an established professional network that is aware of the latest developments in the home inspection profession.

In addition to the training available through ASHI, beginning and established home inspectors alike can learn a great deal about the profession by joining the ASHI New England chapter and attending meetings.

For beginners, getting involved is a wonderful way to get your feet wet and learn to avoid the mistakes made by those who have gone before you. For the established home inspector—there is always something new to learn.

Seminars on everything from “Plumbing”, to “How to Write Better Reports”, to “Updates on the Building Code”, to “Protecting Yourself With a Better Contract” are available through ASHI New England.

By joining ASHI New England and attending monthly round table discussions, monthly seminars, and specially scheduled workshops, you can keep abreast of the latest news in the construction industry, inspection techniques, state regulations, and legal issues.