About Us

ASHI New England is the local chapter of the highly esteemed and nationally recognized organization, American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc.® (ASHI).

ASHI was established in 1976 by, a group of skilled and forward-thinking home inspectors with the common goal of improving theprofessionalism of their field and building consumer awareness. This not-for-profit professional association’s first order of business was to establish and advocate high Standards of Practice and a strict Code of Ethics for the home inspection community.

For almost thirty years now, ASHI's Standards of Practice have served as the home inspector's performance guideline, universally recognized and accepted by professional and government authorities alike.

ASHI members subscribe to a professional Code of Ethics that prohibits them from engaging in conflict of interest activities which might compromise their objectivity. This is the consumer's assurance that the inspector will not, for example, use the inspection to solicit repair work. Today, with more than 6,000 members and over 80 local chapters, ASHI® is the largest and most respected professional association for home inspectors in North America. Through ASHI’s continued efforts, ASHI's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are now part of many pieces of state legislation and are recognized by consumers as the authoritative standard for professional home inspections.

The New England chapter, known as ASHI New England, was established in 1977 with the intent of forming a network of local ASHI home inspectors from Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), Connecticut (CT), Rhode Island (RI), Maine ME), and Vermont (VT). The first meeting took place July 26, 1977 and chapter meetings have taken place on a regular basis ever since that time.

Because they participate in a local chapter, ASHI New England Home Inspectors have the added knowledge gained thru participation in group round table discussions, monthly membership meetings and educational seminars, and an established professional network that is aware of the latest developments in the home inspection profession.

Throughout the year, ASHI New England sponsors a number of special technical seminars and workshops that are open to all home inspectors within the New England area.

We owe our gratitude to the following people who were all instrumental in getting the ASHI New England Chapter started: Philip C. Monahon (first President), Walter Burke, John Burke, Werner Carlson, Lewis Evans, Patricia Garrity, Kenneth Kruger, John Logue, Shep Marder, William Millar, Arthur T. Monahon Jr., Gordon Platine, Allister Shepherd, Jim Slovin and Melvin Chalfen.