The Truth About Home Inspectors

Some home inspectors, including those who hold state licenses, may not possess the skills, training, experience, and expertise that can be expected from an ASHI New England Home Inspector. As a result of grandfathering clauses in some states’ licensing laws (MA and CT), some home inspectors were not required to pass any tests at all to become licensed.

Some home inspectors or members of other home inspection organizations claim that their home inspections “are conducted to ASHI Standards.” Using a home inspector who claims to meet ASHI Standards is NOT the same as using an ASHI New England Home Inspector who has been tested. Be cautious about home inspectors mimicking credentials that they have been unable to acquire.

All ASHI New England Home Inspectors reports are required to meet the stringent Standards of Practice set by the ASHI National Standards Committee. ASHI New England Home Inspectors must also comply with the licensing regulations of the states in which they practice.

ASHI New England Associates become full members after passing required exams, having their reports verified to meet the ASHI Standards of Practice, and completing a minimum of 250 paid home inspections (the associate to full membership process is overseen by the ASHI National office in Des Plaines, IL).