Meeting/Event Information

December 15th:                    Join Us for a Retirement Party for Education Chairman and Chapter Stalwart BOB MULLOY!                

                                               Bob will also do a 2 hour presentation on Inspecting Interiors in accordance with the State  



January 19th:                       Tom Ivey- Overhead Garage Door Inspections, and

                                               Jeff May - Air Quality with Spray Foam Insulation


February 16th:                      Ed Cottingham and Dan Erwin and Sam Nigro - Vermiculite Attic Insulation

March 23rd:                          John Torvi from Landy Insurance - Home Inspector Insurance Issues, and 

                                              Jennifer Markowski and Catherine Scott are Attorneys- Home Inspector Attorney                  

                                                           representation issues

April 20th:                            Andrew Collins, Regional Sales Manager with Huber Engineered Woods:    

                                                  Engineered Wood Products and Sam Nigro from Dudley Services: Asbestos 

                                                  and Related Hazards 

May 18th:                             Tim O'Brien of Watchman Water Proofing: Basement water issues

                                              Paul Raymer, author of the Residential Ventilation Handbook: House venting                


June 22nd:                            Inclined Bearing Pile Footing Technology and Residential Foundations – Typical            

                                                    Construction and Issues

July and August:                  No Meetings

September 11th and 12th:   Two Day Conference at the Lantana

October 19th:                        TBA

November 16th:                    TBA

December 14th:                    TBA

No meetings/events scheduled at this time.